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About C&P Roe Liming Services

  • Over 30 years of experience in soil testing supplying and spreading various liming products and fertiliser.
  • Operating across 7 counties in Central Southern England.
  • Drawing from a variety of quarries.
  • 2 soil testers & 7 spreaders enable a quick response
  • Worm count and visual evaluation of soil structure undertaken
  • We serve large estates, market gardens, equestrian premises and smallholdings

Soil testing and mapping

Soil pH levels can vary greatly across a field so our samplers take multiple sample across a field, all samples are recorded on our gps mapping system and maps produced accordingly.

These maps help the grower see where problem areas are and allow the correct amount of lime to be applied to each area.

P.K,& Mg testing also available as well as trace elements as required.

Lime Spreading

All 7 spreaders are equipped with weigh cells and variable rate compatible to various systems.

Each spreader has a designated and experienced operator

All spreaders on wide low ground pressure tyres

Each unit is self-contained with its own loader fitted with Greenstar guidance and self-steer

Fibrophos fertiliser for cereals

Fibrophos is used widely across a whole range of crops. Replacing the nutrients removed and maintaining soil fertility are the key issues for farming today. As the nutrients in fibrophos occur in a very similar balance to those removed by cereals, regular applications of fibrophos ensure that the vital nutrients are replaced and kept in balance.

Phosphate-rich fertiliser for Britain's arable farmers

P-grow is a sustainable fertiliser that releases phosphate gradually as the crop requires it. P-grow is not easily leached and can be applied at any time of the year by your local contractor, saving you valuable time at peak periods.

Fibrophos Spreading

Our 3 dedicated Fibrophos spreaders are equipped with weigh-cells and Greenstar controllers for accurate application.

They are also fitted with wings to enable the dust to be spread evenly to 12 metres

Committed to helping our clients succeed

Our Team

Chris Roe



T: 01884 855232

M:  07860 678424

E: chris@cproeliming.co.uk

James Goble

Director and Operations Manager


M:   07884 426333

E:  james@cproeliming.co.uk

Neil Ripley

Director and Transport Manager


M: 07980 603979

E:  neil@cproeliming.co.uk

Troy Roe

Director of Admin

E:  troy@cproeliming.co.uk

Soil Testers

Lucy Goble

M:  07826 009743

Email: lucy@cproeliming.co.uk

Paul Mills

M: 07966 452256

Email: jpm@prestwickfarm.co.uk

Spreader Operators

Peter Goble, James Goble, Neil, Holly, Jordon & Harry

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